What does a professional personal assistant do?

In Hollywood films, we are used to seeing a personal assistant who is an overworked multitasker unable to focus on what is essential. Nothing could be further from the truth. Capable of having a global vision of their client’s corporate and private needs, this professional anticipates every situation proactively, solving unforeseen events with the utmost efficiency and discretion. They are far from being that overwhelmed and overloaded character who tries to deal with multiple issues simultaneously. Today we will present a professional more in line with the reality we experience every day in cities like Madrid or Barcelona to solve any doubts about their functions.

Before getting down to business, we will focus on their values. A personal assistant knows that building trust is the backbone of their credibility. For this reason, they stress the importance of discretion, punctuality, and efficiency. In small and large tasks, they must stand out for their professionalism, including having the required expertise to perform well in different situations and knowing how to surround themselves with highly trained suppliers and assistants.

The myth that lifestyle managers are exclusively reserved for celebrities is a thing of the past. Nowadays, the need for hiring these professionals is related to the fast pace of global business and the purchasing power of clients. A personal assistant becomes the client’s right hand to meet their goals. Among others, these are some of their functions:

  • Coordinating the client’s daily tasks
  • Booking events and exciting sites
  • Organizing the client’s leisure time
  • Acting as a personal shopper
  • Checking that everything is under control at home during long absences (mail management, household maintenance, contact with employees and suppliers, etc.)
  • Buying personal gifts
  • Working as a corporate concierge for business purposes (project management, organization of meetings, conferences and events, guest management, schedule planning, etc.)
  • Coordinating personal and family vacations
  • Managing all details related to a move

Up to date on trends, venues, and events that might be interesting for their clients in different cities, a personal assistant is a Lifestyle Management professional who goes unnoticed because the vital part of their job is to keep everything under control while maintaining a low profile.


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