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We specialize in personalized luxury services for individuals and businesses. Enjoy our VIP Concierge Services, Personal Assistant services, and VIP private transportation.

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We are experts
in Luxury Concierge

Aurum Experience is a Luxury Concierge Services Company in Barcelona and Madrid. We specialize in providing personalized services to individuals and businesses, and have over a decade of experience in the management of corporate and business events, VIP transport and private chauffeur services, personal assistant services, and organizing tailored experiences.

Because we aim to be a true partner in our clients’ stay, we always exceed expectations. With discretion and professionalism as our hallmarks, we have worked throughout our trajectory with company directors and board members, as well as public figures and celebrities, developing a network of contacts that allow us to provide services anywhere and of any type. Clients from Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Asia, and Russia have all trusted our Concierge Services, personal assistant services, and car hire with private chauffeur in Barcelona and Madrid.

We are experts in Luxury Concierge Services

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