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Aurum Experience believes that private car hire should go far beyond luxury cars with a private chauffeur in Marbella, limo service, or private jets in the city. 

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Vip transport

In Marbella, luxury meets convenience with our top-tier transportation service. Whether you’re headed to the upscale resorts, exclusive beaches, or renowned golf courses, our chauffeurs provide a sophisticated travel experience. Enjoy the glamour of Marbella with our seamless and elegant transportation solutions.

Moreover, our Concierge Service in Marbella is designed to complement your upscale lifestyle. Beyond transportation, our dedicated concierge team is poised to enhance your stay with bespoke experiences and personalized assistance. From securing reservations at the finest dining establishments to arranging exclusive leisure activities, we strive to make your time in Marbella not only luxurious but also tailored to your unique preferences.

Elevate your Marbella experience by entrusting our Concierge Service to curate every aspect of your stay, ensuring that each moment is marked by opulence and unparalleled convenience. Let us transform your visit into a seamless blend of refined transportation and personalized concierge services, creating memories that reflect the true essence of Marbella’s glamour.

we provide Private Security and Bodyguard Services in Marbella

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