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Traveling in a high-end vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur is synonymous with peace of mind, comfort, and safety. VIP transportation services are reserved for those who value punctuality and strive for the highest standards of excellence. As moving around a city skilfully is the first step to a perfect experience, the private driver becomes a discreet assistant who speaks your language and understands your priorities. A specialist behind the wheel who solves any unforeseen event, masters all the routes, and anticipates possible traffic issues. In addition, there may be occasions when it is necessary to use other means of transport, such as vans, minibuses, private jets, or luxury yachts requiring trained staff services. Experts in offering the comfort that allows you to enjoy the journey and the most valuable of gifts: time. A chance to answer messages and calls, get information on your favourite topics, enjoy the company of those traveling with you, and take advantage of every minute of your journey.


The art of measuring distances

With a Private Chauffeur service, you can rest assured that you will be on time at any moment of the day or night. A professional chauffeur takes care of your schedule and plans each trip without wasting a second. This way, your work or personal commitments are covered without the stress of being behind the wheel or unfamiliar with the roads. A great advantage for world-class events such as the Mobile World Congress for which you will need private transport Barcelona. However, before you reach your destination, you may need to make a detour to stop at a store, pick someone up, solve a last-minute problem or run an urgent errand. Whatever the reason, a professional chauffeur will be able to advise you on the most suitable route. And if you’re running against the clock, you can always count on their services to help you with those tasks that do not require your presence.



Trusted professionals

Used to dealing with people from different countries and cultures, there are no language barriers with the VIP transport services. This is a great advantage, especially when trying to get by in a foreign country because this allows you to express what you want without misunderstandings. Professionals who meet you at the airport, take care of your luggage, accompany you on all your journeys and take you back to the boarding gate for your return flight. As a good feeling can be a differential factor, opt for private drivers with whom you can communicate whenever necessary.


Discretion at all times

Discretion, as important as communication, is a fundamental value in concierge services. There are times and places that require privacy, but when the help of a local chauffeur is necessary. A reliable partner during any journey in and out of the city, capable of standing out for their caution and common sense.

VIP transport services, Aurum Experience

VIP car fleet

Vehicles are the cornerstone of VIP transport. That is why a careful selection of models and makes is essential to guarantee maximum comfort in every journey. Limousines, sedans, compact cars, sports cars… that prioritise spaciousness, safety, climatic comfort, and stability.

Equipped with technologies that make safe driving easier, top-of-the-range cars such as Mercedes E class, Mercedes V Class, Mercedes S Class or Sprinterte, among others, will make journeys much smoother and safer no matter how many miles you drive. Also, for the sole transport of suitcases, luggage vans are equipped with the right features to avoid any possible impacts.

There are special occasions that call for luxury limousine hire. An exclusive option to enhance any particular event in which no detail can be left to chance. With amenities specially designed for Limo Services, you can toast and enjoy the journey in the company of your choice.


Collective transportation

On the other hand, organising social or professional events may require the services of vans or minibuses driven by professional chauffeurs. Luxury vehicles that meet the needs of collective transport for specific transfers and in which passengers feel safe and comfortable at all times. With this option, guests can reach their destination with complete peace of mind, without wasting time, and with the comfort expected of a vehicle suitable for several people.


By sea or by air

When privacy is a priority to reach your destination, a private jet may be the most advisable option. As a charter flight is synonymous with confidence, distinction, and exclusivity, you only need to confirm the number of passengers to decide on the most suitable type of aircraft and the services on board. And if you wish to sail without worries, discover all the possibilities a luxury crewed yacht can offer for the perfect experience.


As we are constantly on the move for various reasons, there is nothing like doing it with a professional VIP transportation service that can cover all our mobility needs, anticipates unforeseen events, and is willing to go the extra mile to meet our expectations.


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