A personal assistant can turn your Christmas wishes into reality

“They say you have to be careful with your dreams because they can come true, and it’s true. When you have a personal assistant at Christmas, anything can happen. Finding a gift you thought was impossible, organizing a last-minute trip, enjoying an incredible gastronomic experience, completing your pending tasks list, or planning a New Year’s Eve party that meets your expectations. You can call it magic, but we prefer to call it a ‘professional personal assistant’ in Madrid, Barcelona, and Marbella, and here are five good reasons to rely on their support during this season.

In line with Wise Kings

The holiday season has caught you on a business trip, and you don’t have a minute to look for gifts on your list. Don’t worry. A personal shopper will take care of finding exactly what you need, no matter how strange or difficult it may seem. That toy all the kids want, that unique piece of art, that exclusive piece of clothing, that luxury watch, that special edition book… Whatever it is will arrive at the address you specify as if the Kings themselves had taken care of it.

Always on time

Moving around during these dates can be a real chaos, and you need to get to all places without wasting time. A private chauffeur in Madrid, Barcelona, or Marbella will take you wherever you need with the comfort of a luxury car at your disposal without pressure or crowds. And if you want to travel by air, you know how difficult it is to get a last-minute flight, but your personal assistant will take care of booking a charter so you can arrive without any hitches.

Extraordinary Menus

There are experiences that must be lived at Christmas, and a good dinner is one of them. You would have liked to explore different options months in advance, but it’s been impossible, so a personalized service will recommend the best restaurants of the moment in the city you are in and make the reservation for you. Never before has a menu been so special because you just have to arrive, sit down, and enjoy.

Zero Stress

The clock is ticking against you; there are very few days left for the year to end, and there are matters that must be resolved immediately. Since you can’t cover so many fronts at once, a personal assistant takes care of handling the urgent paperwork, delivering or receiving packages, and taking care of small but tedious tasks that take away valuable time. Moreover, this professional can handle much larger matters like a move and save you all the headaches that can come with festive months like these.

Toasts among friends

Christmas is a perfect time to celebrate with the people you want to have close for personal or professional reasons. An ideal pretext to toast, disconnect, and do some networking. However, you can’t take care of all the details involved in planning a party. For that, you have a professional event organizer, a specialist in finding the perfect venue, hiring catering, musicians, decoration… and taking care of every little detail. Everything impeccable so that you only have to dress up and welcome your guests.

Because a personal assistant is much more than occasional help, at Aurum Experience, we have true professionals in the field capable of anticipating your needs. Lifestyle Management specialists who will be by your side to make your life much easier. Let us accompany you during these holidays so that the Christmas magic is present in all your wishes.”


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