Private Transport Barcelona: much more than a chauffeur during MWC 2023

As specialists in private transport Barcelona, we know that the most important event of the year, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), does not only take place at the Fira fairgrounds. Plenty of simultaneous events are held between February 27 and March 2, 2023, allowing visitors to network and close business deals. With the world’s largest technological event in the background, the city offers a comprehensive cultural, sports, and leisure program. Those visiting Barcelona know how important it is to be at the right spot at the right time to make the best personal and business contacts.

Arriving on time for every meeting and event goes far beyond getting a cab on time. With a high-end vehicle at your disposal, you can focus on what matters: preparing all your documents, answering emails and calls, making appointments, going over the day’s schedule… A Barcelona chauffeur service will take you efficiently wherever you need to go, offering the required peace of mind to meet your obligations without delay. Choose the vehicle that meets your needs best to move comfortably around the city: Mercedes E Class, Mercedes V Class, Mercedes S Class, or Sprinterte, among others.

From the moment you arrive at Barcelona airport, you’ll enjoy VIP transportation, and you will be able to establish a close relationship with the driver because he speaks the same language as you. In addition, the personalized service option allows you to delegate tasks and make specific requests during your stay in the city. Specialized in concierge services, at Aurum Experience, we make your visit to MWC 2023 a personalized and tailor-made experience. So whether you require a restaurant reservation or want us to go shopping for you, you can leave everything in our hands. The possibilities are as vast as your expectations, so tell us what you need, and a personal assistant will take care of everything.

In an event as popular as the Mobile World Congress, which this year expects 100,000 visitors, we know that time is the most valuable asset. For this reason, our private transport Barcelona service will allow you to buy much more time than you think. VIP transportation services is the starting point to a comprehensive range of services we can provide for you before, during, and after the technological event of the year.


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