Private Chauffeur in Barcelona and Madrid

Aurum Experience redefines private car hire by going beyond the ordinary, offering more than just luxury cars with a private chauffeur. It transcends traditional limo services and private jets to provide a distinctive experience.

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Aurum Experience believes that private car hire should go far beyond luxury cars with a private chauffeur, limo service, or private jets. Rather, this is an opportunity to help our clients move around the main cities in Spain with a level of service that only Aurum can provide. Our VIP Transport Services include the hire of whatever type of transport required – luxury sedans, sport cars, large vans, private planes – as well any other services that should accompany it, including Private Security. Ready to travel with us?

  • Limousine service in Barcelona and Madrid. The latest limo, sedan, and van models, along with private drivers who speak multiple languages.
  • Private chauffeurs in Barcelona and Madrid for any kind of corporate, official, or private event.
  • On-site transport coordinators, guides, etc.
  • Meet-and-Greet VIP Concierge Services in airports.
  • Baggage transport.
  • Private Security Services in Barcelona with special vehicles that guarantee the highest levels of personal protection.
  • Rental of private jets, luxury yachts, etc.

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