Five qualities of the ideal Personal Shopper

Much more than a clothing expert, a Personal Shopper combines coaching skills with body language expertise. A fashion professional who masters etiquette and style and can recommend exactly what you need for every occasion. When you don’t have time to go shopping or are not confident enough to browse through fabrics and design patterns, a specialized personal assistant can become a top advisor. But… how do you know they are the right person? We show you the five qualities a perfect Personal Shopper should have:

  1. Fashion expert

A Personal Shopper takes pleasure in browsing through stores but does so with knowledge of the industry. They know the most exclusive designers, trends, styles, and timeless pieces. In addition, their natural interest forces them to keep up to date with fashion cycles, attend fashion shows, discover new stores, and find the perfect outfit for every event… In short, they are passionate and well-informed.

  1. People skills

Empathy is a key quality of Personal Shoppers because their success depends on their close connection with customers. Like a confessor, this Lifestyle Manager listens attentively to the person who needs their help and can identify what will suit them best according to their body type, profession, and lifestyle. They are good listeners, tactful when giving their opinion, and practically work as a coach, boosting their clients’ confidence and self-esteem.

  1. Trustworthy

A Personal Shopper does not judge but accompanies and advises. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of fashion, types of fabric, and styling, they can guide their clients through the best options to improve their appearance in every way. A process that can start with their closet and, as confidence grows, can lead to recommendations for hairdressing, make-up, and body movements. Informed advice and unexpected solutions to take clients out of their comfort zone regarding clothing or hairdressing. The confidence gained by the client will depend, to a great extent, on the discretion and good work of the Personal Shopper in their role as a private coach.

  1. Intelligent advisor

It is often unnecessary to buy the most expensive dress of the season. Sometimes, a good knowledge of the city’s boutiques with designers who are just starting their careers can be the key to finding the ideal outfit. Other times, a visit to vintage stores or minor brands can be the solution we are looking for. A Personal Shopper knows the customers’ size and body type and understands their lifestyle needs so they can get it right, thanks to their knowledge and experience in the sector.

  1. A valuable network

Wardrobe treasures? A Personal Shopper knows where to find them or whom to talk to in order to get them. Their network covers the best brands in the main fashion capitals and the most secluded second-hand stores. They build a trustworthy network because, in addition to being empathetic with their clients, they have a way with people that allows them to move like a fish in water in the fashion industry to prepare the perfect look for any occasion.


Dedicated to improving the lives of the people they advise and ready to offer them an experience that allows them to look and feel great, Personal Shoppers are Lifestyle Management professionals focused on their customers’ unique image.


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