Concierge service Barcelona: private security for maximum peace of mind

Non-concern, trust, discretion, freedom… Hiring concierge service in Barcelona with private security professionals provides a plus of comfort to those who spend a few days in Barcelona. The attendance to a business event or the fulfillment of professional commitments implies multiple displacements as well as the presence in dinners, parties or social meetings that complement the work calendar. For many executives, this coming and going day and night can generate a sense of uncertainty because there will be trips in which they may feel especially vulnerable.

According to the most recent Crime Balance of the Ministry of the Interior, which compares “conventional” crime figures for the first half of 2022 and 2023, crime has increased by 15% in Barcelona. These are mainly thefts, robberies and attempted robberies with violence and/or intimidation in tourist areas. This figure confirms the widespread perception of insecurity and motivates companies to look for concierge Barcelona professionals who include in their portfolio personnel specialized in individual and group protection. What are the characteristics of this personal security service in Barcelona? We explain it below:

Personalized protection

As with concierge services in Barcelona, security is customized according to the needs and circumstances of each client. Whether you require fixed personnel outside the hotel, villa or apartment you are occupying, or if you are looking for accompaniment on the move, a security professional has the experience to respond quickly to any situation.

Discretion and serenity

A private security expert in Barcelona must have some indispensable qualities such as discretion to go practically unnoticed, prudence to know how to act with serenity whenever required and a good reaction capacity. The people under his protection must feel comforted and reassured and know that they can count on his effective support.

Communication skills

Contrary to common belief, a personal security professional is not an apathetic person who is difficult to deal with. Quite the contrary. Experts in concierge service Barcelona look for people with communication skills, common sense and teamwork capacity, who are able to transmit confidence around them. People with whom you can interact to agree on itineraries or change routines if necessary.

Reliability in all situations

Trust is a key word in security and this is a must for companies dedicated to concierge services Barcelona that offer this plus. We understand that the client needs to feel at home when visiting Barcelona and, therefore, they can hold private conversations, close business deals and move around at any time surrounded by professionals to whom they can entrust their well-being and that of their family, as well as the safeguarding of their property or belongings.

From residential security personnel to roving patrols to bodyguards, the private security experts included in the concierge services Barcelona package are trustworthy professionals who guarantee a 100% peaceful experience. For your next trip to the Catalan capital, contact Aurum Services and discover how we can contribute to your security.

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