Car hire in Madrid with driver: we have the perfect solution for you

Between traffic jams and distances, car hire in Madrid with driver becomes a priority when you need to get everywhere on time. Whether you frequent the Spanish capital or if it is the first time you visit it, having a chauffeur will help you to optimise the time between journeys without worrying about the steering wheel, will allow you to make quick decisions in case of unforeseen events and will make it easier for you to meet all your professional and social commitments. As a venue for major events, Madrid is one of the most important business centres in the world, as confirmed by the World Travel Awards 2023, which have just awarded it as “Europe’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination 2023“. This is the sixth consecutive time that the city has received this recognition and it is no wonder. With more than 44,500 congresses, conventions and conferences held in the last year, the city received 2.06 million business visitors who, in addition to their work appointments, take advantage of their stay to book restaurants, museums and leisure facilities, as well as to go sightseeing in neighbouring towns. In this context, the complicity of a professional chauffeur is essential and the impact of a car rental service with driver is much wider than you might imagine. If you are still not very clear about the scope of this service, today we explain all its advantages in a simple step-by-step:

Choose the vehicle that best suits you

Mercedes E Class, Mercedes S Class, Mercedes V Class, Sprinter? Large vans? Before hire chauffeured vehicles in Madrid you must be clear about your needs. Because the image you want to project and the number of people accompanying you are essential to make a good decision, the type of vehicle you choose will be a determining factor for a successful stay in the city. For example, if you are coming to a trade fair with your entire team, a van can be a great alternative for getting around the streets of Madrid comfortably.

Be sure that you will project the best image

Companies specialising in chauffeur-driven cars must guarantee impeccable vehicles that are in perfect maintenance conditions. Thus, before picking you up, the driver makes sure that all the systems are working properly, that the bodywork and glasswork are perfectly clean and that he has the necessary tools and spare parts to solve any unforeseen event. A 10/10 service that gives a good image when you arrive at any place and avoids wasting time.

Communicate with the driver in your language

Good communication with the person who accompanies you to all your appointments gives you security and confidence. With a driver who speaks your language, it is much easier to give directions to the places you need to go or the time to pick you up. In addition, we know that unexpected situations can arise on a trip and it is important that the driver understands your instructions. We are referring, for example, to going off the planned route to stop at a shop to buy something urgent or to include a new appointment that was not foreseen in the agenda. To explain what you need and feel supported, it is helpful to have a driver with whom you can express yourself in your own language.

Book your car with driver before you travel

Because we value your time and we know the city in depth, at Aurum Experiences we are specialists in VIP Transportation and we have an exclusive service: car hire in Madrid with driver. Tell us what you need and we will take care of everything. We want you to be able to enjoy more freedom when you visit the Spanish capital and make a much more efficient use of your schedule of commitments.


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